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25 Thanksgiving Wines Under $25

Thanksgiving is next week and the holidays continue moving through! It's a very exciting and busy time. So your favorite pocket sommelier is back in action. I've got 25 wines all categorized for you for Thanksgiving.

As you'll note, there are some categories that have more recs than others, that's because those are the wines BEST for the holiday. Enjoy my list, I hope this helps you with your holiday shopping!


1. NV Bisol Jeio Prosecco Brut- $14.99

Delicious Prosecco is a great way to go this holiday season because it is bubbly and refreshing with just enough sugar to pair with anything on the table.

2. NV Mionetto Prosecco Brut– $11.99

Another delicious and widely available Prosecco that will be a nice way to start off the evening. Also a great Prosecco if you wish to make a Prosecco based cocktail like Aperol Spritz or a Cranberry spritz.

3. 2020 Carboniste Gomes Vineyard Sparkling Albariño Extra Brut- $24.99

One of my new favorite sparkling wines. An unusual variety to make sparkling, but this Albariño is exceptional. This will pair nicely with your salads and stuffing as well as veggies and turkey. Give this a try with the corn bread too!

4. NV Lucien Albrecht Cremant d'Alsace Brut Rose- $20.99

Crémant is Champagne's lesser known brother. But being so close to the Champagne region, this Alsacian pinot noir based brut rosé is a real treat. This is an excellent wine with soft bubbles and a lot of personality. Pair this with your poultry and cranberry sauce.

5. 2014 Graham Beck Methode Cap Classique Brut Rose- $24.99

MCC (Methode Cap Classique) wines are in my opinion--easily--some of the most underrate wines. Incredible vineyards cover the valleys of South African wine country and the wines they produce are stunning and delicious. This brut rosé has a lot of bright fruit notes, bolder bubbles, but a very inviting presence. A great selection for your meal this year.

6. NV Schramsberg Mirabelle Brut Rose- $24.99

Schramsberg is an everlasting gem in the Sonoma Valley. This delicious Brut rosé is classic with fine bubbles, beautiful floral and fruit forward aromatics and a nice crisp finish.

7. NV Filipa Pato 3B Rosé Baga Espumante- $18

A unique and fun wine to bring to the table this Rosé of Baga is dark and luscious. An excellent addition the table--think "dryer Lambrusco." A perfect pair with both your white and dark meats without forgetting veggies and stuffing.


1. 2019 Chalk Hill Sonoma Coast Chardonnay- $17

Classic example of Sonoma Chardonnay this Chalk Hill Estate chardonnay has a hint of creaminess and is quite textured without failing to show a crisp flavor on the end. An excellent wine to help transition between gravy and vegetables.

2. 2020 Louis Jadot Macon-Villages - $14.99

Simple and elegant this wine is slightly less round than the other chardonnay above which makes it a solid pairing with and it may be a little more approachable to those "anti-chardonnay" family members you might have. These Burgundian wines, when picked early enough are crisp and bright-- your Sauvignon Blanc-only family members may not even realize there's a difference.

3. 2019 Margerum M5 White - $22.99

This Rhone blend is a really widely available and very delicious blend of Marsanne, Roussane, and Viogner. The bright floral notes and weighted palate will make an excellent pair with your sweet potatoes, gravy and mac n' cheese!

4. 2018 Hugel Classic Pinot Gris - $23.99

Usually I'd say Pinot Gris may be too pithy for a Thanksgiving table, but when made in Alsace it takes a different form. This wine has beautiful notes of golden delicious apples, meyer lemons, lime candy and honey suckle. A perfect wine for appetizers like cheese plates and mini quiches.

5. 2018 Chateau Gaudrelle Vouvray Clos le Vigneau - $23.99

If you want to try something a little different, go with an off dry wine! This Vouvray is sure to be a hit! Sparkling apple cider, brioche and a hint of lemon come off this delicious wine. A very fall-friendly flavor profile to match your entire Thanksgiving table.


1. 2019 Pressley Vineyards Rosé- $18

This delicious rosé is fruit forward and bright, but very approachable. Enjoy this with all aspects of your meal. It's simply, food-friendly! And a small producer...we LOVE to support family owned small brands.

2. 2020 Post and Vine Rosé of Carignan- $18

Rebekah Wineburg, winemaker of Quintessa and Illumination has started her own winery, Post and Vine. She makes delicious red and rosé wines that are terroir driven. This old vine Carignane presents itself quite differently and much softer in Contra Costa. Don't know about y'all but I'd follow her to the ends of the world looking for good wine. And she makes it for only $18! Again, support direct and local!

3. 2020 The Palm by Whispering Angel Rose - $14.99

Easy to find in any supermarket, this wine is very approachable and simply delicious. I've never been disappointed by this wine. In fact, I've got two bottles in my cellar right now.

4. 2019 Meiomi Rose - $16.99

Meiomi is known for their Pinot Noir, but their rosé is quite a looker as well. Rosé of Pinot Noir is soft and plush, not overtly fruit forward, but also not too dry. A great wine that would pair nicely with anything on the table.

5. 2020 Matua Rose - $12.99

If you like a little zing in your rosé, this tasty crisp beauty is for you. Rosé of Pinot Noir from the southern island of New Zealand. You can't go wrong with this wine. Expressing bright fruit notes paired with a racing acidity that will nicely break a part your meal as you're consuming all those potatoes, and high in sugar and fat foods! It's definitely a palate cleansing rosé.

6. 2020 Josh Cellars Rosé- $10.99

One of my favorite recommendations, not just because my boyfriend's name is Josh...although it is his favorite rosé. This is a great bang for your buck. It's soft, it's elegant, and it's delicious for $11. There's not many $11 wines that taste this good at $11.

7. 2020 Esprit Gassier Rosé - $16

An incredible Provence rosé. A very classic style wine, bright and radiant, but not overtly fruity. A nice clean wine that will fit easily on your table.

8. 2020 Santa Barbara Winery Burning Creek Ranch Rosé- $22

It's nice to have a change of pace and I'm a big fan of Santa Barbara Winery. This is a darker rosé, and during the fall, especially Thanksgiving, this is a great style to try. Nice fruits, soft on the palate, and not this is NOT sweet. It's a deliciously complex wine that will bring out a lot of different flavors in your meal.


1. 2017 Elderton Shiraz- $24.99

Big jammy Shiraz to match up to your jammy cranberry sauce on your poultry, any beef on the table and of course the mashed potatoes and gravy! A truly fabulous wine at a great price. Simply delicious.

2. 2015 Champs de la Truffiere - $20.00

Delicious Syrah Cabernet Sauvignon Blend from Provence. An unusual style but something that would be perfect with all of the hearty meats and dishes on the table. Not overtly tannic,. The integrated tannins are smooth and inviting with lots of deep rich earthy notes to contrast all of the sweetness in the food.

3. 2019 Erath Pinot Noir - $15

A light wine can be great for pairing with so many different food items. This Erath never disappoints me. Consistently classic Oregon style pinot noir with notes of underripe raspberry, ripe cherry and damp earth. If you buy this at Costco, it's $7 a bottle. How about that?!

4. 2018 Franz Weninger, Blaufrankisch - $15.99

If you're willing to try something fun and different this year, give this Franz Weninger Blaufrankisch a chance. Blaufrankisch is an Austrian red varietal grown in the eastern portion of the country. It has a delicious savoriness to it paired with red and blue fruits. When I drink Blaufrankisch I think pork shoulder, mac n cheese, and quiche.

5. 2019 La Crema Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir - $17.99

A classic example of California Pinot. Bright and fruit forward with cherry and raspberry notes. An excellent choice and something easy to find anywhere.

Hopefully these choices help make your Thanksgiving meal even tastier! I look forward to seeing your pictures enjoying these selections! Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

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