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About Me


SOMMthings are just meant to be shared

Creativity, motivation, passion, spirit(s). It’s a pretty simple formula. When you find something you’re passionate about, you run with it. You do everything possible to make sure you are the most well versed in whatever it is you might love. You find ways to grow your knowledge. You find ways to increase your motivation. My love is people. My love is history. My admiration stems from culture and creation.


My name is Amanda. I'm a Certified Sommelier, Certified Mixologist, Cicerone Certified Beer Server,  winemaker, and adult beverage enthusiast. I became excited about this world of adult beverages when I realized the ecstasy and creativity that is brought forth in every wine, every craft beer, and every cocktail ever created. In the wise words of Clifton Fadiman,


"To take wine [and spirits] into our mouths is to savor a droplet of the river of human history."

I started SOMMthing Rad as a way to help push myself in continuing my passion. I am enthusiastic about wine; the history, the culture, the production and the flavor. I am obsessed with cocktails; the history, the culture, the production, the excitement. My goal is to allow people like you and me to continue to learn about the history of society through a different lens. Let’s learn about wine. Let’s learn about cocktails. Let’s learn about beer. Mixology, winemaking, brewing: they’re all creations. Let's talk about food! They’re ways to express oneself. They’re ways to bring people together.

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