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15 Budget Friendly Napa Valley Wineries

With the Napa Valley being a premiere wine tasting region in the world, it’s no question why pricing gets so high to taste their wines. The average winery tasting in Napa Valley is $55, about $30 higher than almost everywhere else in the US.

Before I share some of my recommendations for budget friendly wine tasting in Napa, there are a few FAQ’s I’d like to address:

What do I wear when going wine tasting?

Wine tasting is casual. Jeans and a t-shirt are just fine. Just no sweatpants or pajamas. If you want to dress up, by all means go for it, but it’s not expected. Most of the tasting room associates will be wearing jeans and a puffer vest…Patagonia runs Napa.

Do I have to make a reservation?

In Napa, most of the time, the answer is YES! Most of these places book up and a lot of them have specific times and days that they do tastings. All of the reservation abilities are found on their websites, or you can call them! And, I would recommend reserving no later than 2-3 weeks out!

Do I tip at a tasting?

Yes! And if you can, CASH is king! I’d recommend tipping around 18-20%. It’s not required, necessarily…but would you tip your server? They’re serving you wine!

How are Ubers in Napa?

Hard to come by, not going to lie here. There are a few taxi companies, but you can also hire a driver. Some people do drive, but that’s of course if you’re extremely careful and not drinking all of your wine. Do NOT drive intoxicated.

How many tastings should I do in one day?

Tastings usually last about 45 minutes each. I recommend between 2 and 3 depending upon how early you want to start your day. Some wineries can start you tasting as early as 10am.

Do I have to buy wine?

No, you are not required. But a lot of wineries will waive your tasting fee if you purchase 3 or more bottles or will give you some sort of discount. The original reasons for the creation of the tasting room was to get people to taste and buy wines along with signing up for wine clubs. But now, with tastings being as pricey as they are, wineries don’t expect you to purchase.


Alright, now onto the wineries. Some of these have incredible wines, some have incredible views, some have both and some have something in between. I’ve linked the website for you to take a look at their tasting options. Check out the website and see if they have the type of wines you like.

Starting at $50 per person

Signature Selections: Taste through a flight of 4 current release wines out on their patio or in the tasting room.

Starting at $40 per person:

Explorer’s tasting allows you to tase a wide variety of their current release wines from Chenin Blanc to Zinfandel to Cabernet Sauvignon.

Starting at $30 per person:

Self guided walking tour. 1 6oz glass of wine.

Also at $45 per person:

Legacy Indoor Tasting. 4 wines per person from current release. Sit down tasting with explanations by an expert.

Starting at $50 per person:

Taste through the current release red and white wines and learn about the history of the winery with an expert! About a 45 minute experience.

Starting at $45 per person:

Standing tasting. Taste through 6 current release wines inside of the castle. This place is definitely one of the most spectacular views. You’re going for the beauty of this place.

Starting at $45 per person (on weekdays and $55 on weekends):

A Taste of Montelena: 4 wines from their current release. Stand up classic tasting at the bar.

Starting at $45 per person:

Signature Estate Tasting. Includes a tasting of five wines seated overlooking the garden and vineyards. **Dog Friendly Winery!

Starting at $40 per person:

Crown Bar Tasting: Taste some of the world-class wines of their portfolio at the bar in the center of the winery.

Starting at $40 per person:

Signature tasting of estate wines either standing at the bar or out on the terrace.

Starting at $28 per person:

Reserve a patio space and select the wines you wish to taste! Minimum 3 but you can add more as you go. (prices may vary).

Starting at $25 per person:

Classic tasting through nationally distributed award-winning wines. Great to sit down and enjoy this tasting in their garden.

Starting at $50 per person:

Taste through current-release blends as well as unique library bottlings in their courtyard guided by a wine expert to share all about the history of the winery.

Starting at $30 per person:

This cute little winery is in the town of Calistoga, right on the main road. Taste through four limited production wines in their “Garage” winery! A fun experience unlike anywhere else in Napa.

Starting at $45 per person:

Premiere Indoor tasting: Taste through 5 estate wines either seated or standing, your choice. Upgrades available.

Also at $45 per person:

Bubble Bar Tasting: Taste through four bubbly selections (mostly sweeter bubbles) at their bubble bar on property!

Starting at $40 per person:

Vineyard View Tasting: Seated tasting of current release wines looking over the vineyards on property.

Hopefully these selections help you find the wineries best for you! I hope you enjoy your trip to Napa! Share pictures and don’t forget to tag me.



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