Welcome novice home bartenders, to a book filled with simple, easy-to-follow recipes for delicious cocktails that are sure to make you the highlight of any party! Complete with a minimal recommended supply list and innovative recipes, this book is designed to be a simple home bar starter kit for social drinkers and wine and spirit enthusiasts alike. 


"Unlike most cocktail books on the market, my book is approachable and direct. Anyone can become a great bartender! 


I want to see people of all ages enjoy the art of crafting cocktails with ease for friends and family in the comfort of their homes."

Rad Cocktails

  • Size: 5.83inx8.27in

    ISBN: 9781649904447
    ISBN-10: 1649904444
    Publisher: Amanda Greenbaum through Palmetto Publishing
    Publication Date: November 23rd, 2020
    Pages: 148
    Language: English

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